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8 situations you probably faced if you're a guitar player !

1. You learn the real meaning of perseverance

     After watching an incredible amount of covers,videos of your favourite bands and  tutorials,you finally decide to take that step and start learning. You can choose to take courses or watch videos, you realize fastly that it won't be that easy. Some can give up after one week,but if you decide to keep it to the end,you really deserve respect. During all your nights spent trying to develop your talent,you perceive the real meaning of patience and perseverance.In life,nothing's easy and you gotta work for it to finally make it.

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2.You become crazy with your fingernails 

   You start to notice that your fretting hand's fingernails grow faster than the ones on your other hand. So you don't know if you became crazy or if it's a scientific thing,and your friends who don't play guitar can't help you to understand by saying that you're probably obssessed. If you're still waiting for an answer,don't worry it's normal. We can't explain why,it's the only answer we have.

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3.You discover a lot of female guitar players literaly stunning

    It's clear that listening to your favourite bands gave you the rage to learn guitar,but undergroung players are the ones who teaches you the most. You discover great tutorials nobody knows,and realize at the same time that girls really rock it !

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4. You can never have enough picks.

   Playing guitar made you undersand that the most commonly lost items are not lighters or pens,but probably picks. You can buy 10 picks a week,the fact is you find yourself searching for a pick every time you wanna play. So from now on;let's all try to be more responsible and hold on to our possessions !

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5. You're asked to play the same damn song every time you take your guitar.

     We don't really know your coutry of your friend's taste in music,the fact is once you're in a group,people opress you to play a song for them. And we don't know the real reason of it, but it's the same song every time. And it's probably a popular rock song everyone knows,and you probably hate it. Yeah, know that you're not alone. We all know that.

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6. Critics. From non-guitarists.

    You spent an incredible amount of days and nights working or it,guitar became a part of your life and people who listened to two blues song in their whole life can criticize and contest the way you do your thing. Humility is not common,nowadays,just keep it in mind and don't lose your time arguing with an idiot.

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7.Discovering guitar shops. 

   You maybe visited music shops before,and found it probably amazing. Point. But when you become a real guitar player,you don't see them as simple shops anymore. The seller becomes your friend,and you're obliged to visit him everyday, "just in case" !

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8.The feeling of achievement.

    Once you become a real master, you have to admit that the feeling of achievement you get can't compare to anything. You feel like a better person,able to face a lot of things in many fields.

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